[Ephesians 1:3] says: “God has already blessed us in the heavenly realm with every spiritual blessing…”We are blessed with all these things. The secret things are given to us, so to experience powers of the coming age.

We have been raised together with Christ. We are blessed above all in order to experience the powers of the coming age. However, rulers and leaders of this age never perceived it. Just like the prophets of the old, they longed to see and hear these things, they could not but you are blessed because you can see and hear them.

Living like the old prophets is like the rulers and leaders of this age; because they never perceived. They were not complete. He said: “I have never come to abolish the law or the prophets but to fulfil it…” something was missing and now I have come to fulfil them.

Now that you are in the resurrected state. Are you not worthy? Because many are waiting to experience the resurrection life after they have died. Understand that you are the world.

He said, I do not ask you to take them out of the world. They are not of the world just as I am not of the world. Are you of the world? You cannot say you are of the world in the meantime, yet you are born again. As he is in heaven so are we here on earth; meaning we are the same.

You cannot be born again and die again. You are born again. If you die again it means you fell. You are equal to angels. Equality to angels it means you can do what angels are doing.

There are people who have angels who look exactly like them. There are angels with the same name they have, exactly the name they have.

Let the Holy Spirit speak to us today and understand more. Let Him get us to understand the realm which was never understood before. Because He said: Let us make man in our image. Understand who you are.

[John 1:12], “To as many as those who received Him they have been given the right to be called children of God.” If you are a child of God you are like God. You are not born of the will of the husband or ancestral line but you are born of God – a spirit man who searches like God.

Those whom He foreknew, He also predestined them to be conformed into the image of the Son. In the image of the Son you are like the Son – Christ himself. You are there to be made like Him. Do not postpone your blessing. You must be like Christ.

Apostle Paul says you are Christ like. As He is in heaven so are we here on earth. The Son is like the Father; that is why He says: if you have seen Me you have seen the Father, I and the Father are one.

[Exodus 3:1-4]

Here, we heard God speaking to Moses in the burning bush but the angel appeared in the fire. The voice speaking, if an angel has to speak, God speaks.

[Verse 3] – “Moses thought I will go over and see this strange sight – why the bush does not burn up…” This side is great, it is not like another side. They are like angels, the Son is like the Father. They are sons, they are equal to angels.

Understand maturity, this is the graphic part of maturity. There is a graphic part to prove that the person is matured.

When you have reached maturity God says: I cannot do anything on my own but there is one who testifies on my behalf. What the angel does, God testifies. Where God does not testify there is marriage of the world. They are not of the world, they are not of that side but of the great side.

[Revelation 4:1]

If you want open heaven, go to the one whom God has sent to you. Here John says, I have been hearing voices, after hearing this one voice. When other voices comes he is not shaken, now I hear this voice and I know this voice.

Some fathers who marry and given in their daughters in marriage, there is war because they are married to their daughters.

Someone tried to come up with the price for the daughter but this one paid the price. But Jesus is saying to us today: I have come to marry this one, I went to the cross – I paid the priceless gift. Many are married to the world.  That is why before the daughter goes there is war.

When the war trumpet comes: You overcome by the blood of the Lamb and Word of His testimony. That is how they overcame the devil.

Be careful mama, papa do not live in your family like the devil. You married your daughter. But here comes another husband who paid a priceless price – with his blood. Hence it is a war trumpet.

When I looked up I saw a door standing open. It means you are now moving out of the world. You are no longer of the world. This voice is on your sons and daughters so that if anyone does not want to release you, the voice will say touch not! I have come for what is Mine.

Many are still married to the world, know and understand that you are on the other side, you are not like rulers and leaders of the world. This one is from above, the future one. You would highly think of John, yet John was not yet in the Spirit.



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