Spiritual Birthday

About Spiritual Birthday

Throughout the month of September we learnt a lot from the spiritual birthday of our father, to us a Son has been given and he gives birth to many sons who are like him.

We have been captured by the elegant dress code of the sons and daughters of our father, these are the ones who imitate the father as he imitates Christ in word and in style.

Our father has been teaching us about dressing well for our master, looking beautiful as we worship him in the beauty of his presence, not being stressed about what we going through but to always take care of ourselves, truly the word has been received by all the sons and daughters because they all came looking elegant

 We pride ourselves with elegancy in Christ!

Photo Gallery

We have had so many sons of the man of God Prof. Lesego Daniel coming from all directions of the earth understanding the importance of celebrating the night with the king with us. Through the teachings of the Father, we have all understood that we are not just a celebrating our Father, but we are celebrating ourselves and the oneness and with the Father.




The Preparations

A lot of hours and dedication was put into making the 2019 Spiritual Birthday a success. Many sons and daughters of the house came together and working in unison to ensure the even was a success.