Mrs Ruth Mashilo from Ga-Rankuwa came to testify concerning the goodness of God seen in her life and expressed that in three testimonies.


In August 2018 Mrs Mashilo was offended when she came across a friend who used to fellowship in Rabboni Centre Ministries. They stopped to greet each other and had a small chat but what the friend said amazed her. The lady friend started to criticise the church and the man of God, prof. Lesego Daniel and also expressed her concerns that the daughter is still coming to Rabboni Centre Ministries yet she can’t come to her own church.


Mrs Mashilo became affected by this and experienced an excruciating pain in her heart and exclaimed it was very terrible. After a while she realised that the pain started after she had the chat with her lady friend. On the following Sunday, Mrs Mashilo came to church and confessed about the incident and how it affected her. The man of God, Professor Lesego Daniel then prayed for her and the pain stopped immediately. She has not experienced the pain again she said.


In her second testimony, the (40) year old explained how she had a fear that she would not reach the age of forty, due to the fact that her mother passed on before she could reach that age. In October 2018 she turned forty and the following month she started experiencing heat all over her body. The heat would become severe around midnight to a point where she could not sleep. Even when she sat under the shade of a tree, she would still feel hot. On 18 December 2018, Mrs Mashilo felt as though that would be her last day on earth. She said that she cried saying to her husband that this is how her mother had died. Mrs Mashilo said that when she was a kid she would wake up at midnight to pour cold water on her mother’s body.


Mrs Mashilo then went to consult with a medical doctor and told him that she is experiencing extreme heat. The doctor laughed at her and told her that there is no treatment for such. He suggested to do all types of tests and found no diabetes, no hypertension nor any other sickness. After all the tests, the doctor then diagnosed her with menopause; he said it usually happens when ladies turn 40 years old. The doctor also suggested heart burn and wrote a prescription for medication. Ruth cried praying to God, saying: “I want to bear more children for my husband”.


On Christmas day, Mrs Mashilo attended the church service at Rabboni Centre Ministries. Her sister in law saw her and commented on how she does not look well. During the prayer line, Mrs Mashilo told Papa, Prof Lesego Daniel, about the menopause she had been diagnosed with. The man of God prayed for her and declared that there shall be no menopause for her. He further said she is still too young and is still to give birth to children. As he continued praying for her, she took the opportunity to tell Papa about her aching knee and how she could not kneel down with it. After the prayer, her knee was healed immediately


When she went back home on the 26th of December 2018, Mrs Mashilo said that she slept well with no heat. Furthermore, on 27th of the same month as Mrs Mashilo was preparing to go see a client, her husband and child commented on how her skin complexion had changed for the better.


On 18 January 2019, Mrs Mashilo took her aunt to hospital but then she started experiencing a severe headache while at the clinic. She then decided to join the que to see the doctor. While at the triage to first check her vitals, the nurse asked her why her blood was flowing very fast but was clueless as to why. The nurse said that they will take her blood for testing and after she received the blood results, she should come with her husband to get tested as they were suspecting HIV/Aids. When the couple came back the results were negative, Mrs Mashilo had no disease. After getting the results, she saw the doctor and explained that since Friday the 18th of January she has been experiencing a headache. He started giving her scriptures and asked her where she went for consultation and what was the diagnosis. Mrs Mashigo told him everything and He told her to forget about menopause even though she had reached 40.


She started asking herself whether Prof Lesego Daniel was there with her and the doctor.  This was actually a confirmation of what Prof Lesego Daniel declared over her on 25 December 2018.


“Thank you man of God, today I am wife and a mother because of you. I know I am not where I should be but I will get there. There is so much that still should be released from inside me. Be patient with me till then”, Mrs Mashilo said, expressing her Joy.


Mrs Mashilo’s word of encouragement: “To those who are watching, being in the presence of the Lord is good. Be in the hiding place of the Lord and all will be well. Believe that God is in this church and he is alive.”



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