Even after the angel of the Lord told Hagar to go back to her mistress Sarah, she did not. Instead, she went to Beer-lahai-roi. Nonetheless, she was submissive to Sarah as well because she learned the inner beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit. She understood the revelation because she first woman to hear from the Lord.

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  • Molebogeng Christ

    Thank Papa for these free Gift of Annointed Word.
    Much much appreciated.

  • Merriam Ezekiel

    Woow… We shall never cease to glorify God for your life Papa, every morning we wake up with fresh revelations. It’s like we only existing now…. Which is true, we are born anew through these mysterious teachings.
    Thank you for your patience and enduring pain of our disobedience. ????????????

  • Tryphinah

    Thank you papa for the mysteries from above. This is not for us only but even for generations to come. A forgettable woman teaches those who has passed through to realize their mistakes, and those who are in situations to raise them up, even those who still gonna go through situations, the weapon is already in a hand. Thank Messiah. We love you so much.

  • Evelyn

    Thank you, my daddy !

  • Thank you for this ebook, it help us grow more. Love you papa

  • Edwin chabalala

    Thank you

  • ofentse jabulani

    Thank you once again for this e books, for always serving us with love…

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