7 thoughts on “MYSTERY OF TRANCES Vol 1”

  1. This is what l am looking for l lost such manifestations in 1999 strangely l was not taught but it was given to me in prayer and fasting. Apostle Israel, Cape Town.

  2. Sometime back 2016 I used to come to the prayer mountain to pray daily.

    I was pastoring a new tent church, one morning I fell into a trance and you appeared and placed your hand on my belly. Fire got into my body.
    I didn’t understand that vision until when I was ministering that Sunday morning a lady that was sent to destroy me during prayer line.

    As i was ministering she was seating on the front row…the whole spirit said to this women will stand in front of you for laying of hands don’t touch her.

    On the prayer line she stood up raiding her hands …suddenly something came out of her to try and possess me only to meet up with that fire you placed that early morning into my body in a version , while in a trance.

    She fell to the ground and started confessing.

    I’m send to destroy you am done with all the pastors in this area…I slept with all of them.

    She got delivered from destruction of pastors and churches.

    And later got married.

    I miss the days I was spending at the mountain.
    Ps sefiso

  3. I am a follower of the Man of God ?. Lesego is a Man with the spirit of God and He is here to demonstrate what is spoken.

    Am under this Grace in the name of Jesus Christ. Am humbly asking to be prayed for, am from Zambia.

    To God be the Glory

  4. Thank You our great Shepherd Prof Lesego Daniel for revealing such mysteries to us even the bottomless things of God?❤

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