Are you blessed, welcome your neighbor just say God love you today is today. Blessed viewer we thank you, we receive you, we accept you, we welcome you. Thank you for being our partner by simply watching we are partners we are one, as the bible says two 2 or three 3 when they are together Jesus is in their midst, Jesus is in our midst to raise us up together, mysteries are declared among such people the matured and we are here to declare the mystery as i declare the mystery you will know the mystery. As you declare wherever you are your prayer causes God to open doors for us. Let us do the work of God together. We love you in Jesus name, Amen!

Jesus told me that I should told you that you should give, as Apostle Paul said to all of them let us not forsake the word of our lord Jesus Christ when He said it is more blessed to give than to give than to receive I come to raise the standard as Apostle Paul spoke.

He said I must tell you that you need to give.

The bible says about Abram we will blessed through Abram and we are blessed by him but you need to know how to blessed yourself there are things that you can activate for yourself through giving, when God says you rob me activate by giving.

When Jesus say to his disciple freely you have received freely give and i believe a lot of people are running away from that. For you to be anointed today you pay we chose to ignore the book of Act 8 when per come and anointed people in church of Phillip the sorcerer wanted to buy the Holy spirit, some today there is fixed amount you need to pay to get anointing but when you come you have double problems.

I don’t blame anybody I blame you because you know the word. There are things you can activate yourself we are blessed through Abram and we can bless ourselves by him, even small things there are somethings for you to be blessed there are some levels that requires righteousness and purity for you to get, you just have to activate and become pure before God. such scriptures freely you have received freely give.

I thank God for the Fridays school many leaders are coming. There are some level that will require you to give freely in order to clime another ladder. Many do not get it – I learnt that some of the things that you see me doing I did not go to someone to pray for me, I do them because I give a lot whatever that God gives me I make sure that I am not the only one who has it. I make sure that people get it whatever that God has placed in me. I am still going to teach many and give to many.

You cannot freely give and become exhausted. The problem is if you do not have a cheerful heart and you have a stingy mentality you will be attacked by demons until you go. I am telling you will heal and prophecy until you go but you will never enter into the level of mysteries.

Many people are not aware some of you were born again long time ago during 90’s 2001 those were time where they were teaching about 666, before you buy any clothes check the labels, where they say computer are coming the two beast will be there, the year 2000 something is going to happen. There was also an era of evangelism and everybody wanted to be an evangelist. It was like this comes in and goes.

God does not operate in fashion we have noticed that, but out of everything that happens now we see the prophetic and many people are tired with the prophetic because there are a lot of mischief, because many people are doing it even the sangoma. the most important that you need to get and know Jesus says I have come to blind those who claim to see. You may claim to be doing it – to see but it is gift that operate even without repentance.

It will come like fashion but some stuck in the same fashion. 1 Corinthians 2 read the whole of it after reading it go to Chapter 1 God use inferior things to confront the wise, Chapter 2 verse 10 says the spirit search all things for us even the deep things of God. You may end up with that kind of fashion without deeper things. If you want climb the ladder and operate above freely give because it is more blessed to give than to receive.

That is why we go to 1 Corinthians 9 it says, God love a cheerful giver and it says all grace will abound in you not some grace but ‘All’ God is all in all. That is why some people even confess that some people have grace for this and grace for that.

God is all in all if you can reach that level it does not say a cheerful giver you give money you get money that is fashioning your money it will lead you to Solomon. He will pray and fire will come down the same thing as Elijah but now there was fashion.

Do not call it grace for money because such grace it does not go to heaven that is why Jesus say do not worship God and mammon so if you have all grace abounding in you possess in you what attracts all this things: money, cars and houses.

If it is in you it is “let the be light” go to the mouth fish. It is let there be. Some you put the word grace and it is not grace for money you generated it. There is difference between the one who generate and the one that God gives, the bible says the wealth of the sinners are laid up for the just. The sinners generate but the just do not generate they receive because when you do it by the spirit after God give you, you will not speak about it. He will speak on your behalf.

If we say, for example, that the next bible will be written who is going to write it some man will be inspired by the Spirit it is those who gives freely and God will be able to allow the story to be written because they gave freely they do not generate.

There is God who speaks on your behalf in your giving let God testify. In what you do God will not testify without your Spirit been raised. Focus on one thing: testify on behalf of the Father as we give we testify, we worship Him with what we give.

We do not use substance to be our God if anyone has to do the things that you do he will testify that you are from God, let your preaching and healing be a testimony that testify on behalf of the God. I cannot testify about myself. Let God open your eyes to see who am I. Let it be the Father who reveals.

In your giving if you freely give do not think God will leave you. Some people live like that in fear if you do not want to be undermine. If you do not look down upon yourself, you recognize the one who is in you. Freely you have received freely give.

Some of the things that are happening already people think they are Godly. If you want this type of anointing there’s a price to it – you go home with invoice for anointing. In such environment we do not sing the songs like “In God we get things for free”.

Apostle Paul says it is parents who have to save up for children not children for parents. If you are offended by this statement your weapons are finished. God gave me the mouth to speak the bible says, “the Word is in your heart and mind speak it.” He gave us what is precious. if God has given the mouth i will speak until people see the reality of the kingdom.

In our giving kill the heart some people when they give they get pains – physical crucifixion. Let it be true crucifixion from above, let our giving testify on our behalf. I believe we need to shift from mentality of blessings but where there is life.

Where there is blessing and calamity you can be laid hands on and be healed but you receive attachment [calamity]. Where there is life God testifies in our giving we need to know that God testify, everybody that comes to give a testimony it is because God testified.

Where there is no wind the water is still the word is alive and active. We are here to be equipped with life you need to get something that is going to make you not thirsty. Where there is fashion you are going to be thirsty. Jesus says, “hold on to what is good until I come.”

Blessed viewer we thank God to bless us with this teaching, you can give whatever God wants you to give, as long as there is grace it abound. We have partnership forms if you want to partner with us download the form on our website it is for Rabboni TV.

Pray for everything that is happening here freely you received, pray. Those who want to partner on behalf of their churches you are free to do that. We spent a lot of money with our monthly Trainings and we do not charge we know that the more we give God is sustaining everything.


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