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Who is a mother? A mother is one of the talents that a woman has because a woman is a crown of a mother.

A mother [is] like God. Not God-like a mother. Mother’s Day is actually for people who have been responsible with the Word given them, not those who bore children. It is for those who kept and pondered everything in their heart. A mother must be able to comfort her child. Comforting a child is not only when they are in trouble but leading a child onto the right path. It is also giving a child knowledge.

You must be multi-talented [it is not a matter of choice]. Attainment of (arriving at) the full stature of Christ’s own perfection does not go according to gender, but it is in the spirit.

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  • Profound, that’s the A Kesitah life, food for from above. Thaks Papa for keeping on developing the body of Christ.

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