If you have not reached a state of weakness, God’s power cannot be perfected in you. For it is only in weakness that one can [truly] call unto the Lord. As Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, you also must go through the same. Power or perfection cannot be fasted for.

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  • Divine Patrick Raphalalani

    When we go through the state of weakness, the power of God is made perfect in us.
    To God be the Glory ???? ❤️????????

    Thank you Papa for such teaching, day by day we are growing.
    I love you ♥️ ???? ????

  • Merriam Ezekiel

    Messiah’s greetings……. I have downloaded A State of weakness twice hoping to see the content as with other books, but all I see is the cover. Please assist… ????????

    • rabboniministries

      Messiah’s greetings, we appreciate your kind fellowship.

      Your feedback and alerting us of this issue is greatly appreciated. It has been resolved. Kindly try downloading once again.

      Stay blessed,
      RTV Crew

      • Merriam Ezekiel

        Messiah’s greetings, thank you so much. I managed to download it…. To Him be the glory.

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