As you come with the Word, you will come and confuse every way that thinks it understands itself better, because you are out of time and out of space. Notice how Jesus, full of the power of the Holy Spirit, returned to Judea. There was some kind of way there. He said to the disciples: “We are going back because Lazarus is dead now.” They said to Him: “Not long ago, the Jews there wanted to stone you…” His reply was: “We are not of the night but of the day, those who are of the night stumble and fall. We travel because we have the light [daylight].” What will they do? Thomas said: “Let us go and die with Him.”

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God's Generals

We have read and heard of miracles, signs and wonders that God reveals when a prophet is born. Similar to Jeremiah, John the Baptist and recently William Brenham and many other great men of God, so was it for the man of God – Lesego Daniel

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