As a youth, do not look down upon yourself because you are young, but continue keeping yourself pure through humility.

Do not let anyone look down upon you because you are young because what you carry is more than the way you look. This addresses everyone no matter their age, because there are people who have reached adulthood but still look down upon themselves. Humility is needed for one to remain a child and such a person is desired by God. Even adults who carry humility are children in the eyes of God.

2 thoughts on “CHILD LIKE GOD”

  1. Jeremiah Maifala Daniels

    We thank you Daddy for leading us to the greener pastures. We are corrected and rebuked daily through your teachings and we are humbled to become better parents to our children. We are able to see where our parents went wrong and we strive not to repeat their unintended past mistakes with the future generation. We love you Abba Father. To Gid be the Glory

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