I have been to churches in the past and when it is time for giving people were sad. There must be excitement because this is what we use to worship him. Worship the Lord your God with substance there must be joy. The time of giving is when we see whether one really worships God or not.

When you worship God and you bring the sheep you do not like or which is not approved, you do not worship God. When you bring what you love, the lamb you love you are approved. When it comes to worship it is not like in the old. You are a ‘Born Again Christian’ washed by the blood of the Lamb, it is impossible for you to give like in the old.

He became poor so you can become rich. He made it possible for you to worship perfectly without any reason of you saying you cannot. When it is the blood of the Lamb, He does not measure how you are giving. Give according to your income. Do not be your ashamed when others earn more than you, in the eyes of the Lord you are the same.

Some lied in the eyes of the Lord just because they offered more than others. Someone have better because it was all she had. The best is not according to how much you have but once you are faithful to him you give better. One can have more according to counting yet they are not. They think they are rich yet they are naked, poor and blind.

The issue or question is, is there grace in what you give? Not based on how quick you can run but based on grace. Not being able to do what you are supposed to achieve with five hundred (R500.00) yet it is a thousand or having five hundred but doing more than what five hundred can do.

He was tested just as we are yet he never sinned. The Bible says ‘Let us approach His throne in confidence’ so that we can have grace in times of need. Your worship shall cause all grace, not just money grace as people speak, all grace abounds to you and God cannot afford to lose a cheerful giver – grace of perfection is there. one may lack such grace yet having a lot of money.

There is no grace for money, car, house but grace is the fullness of God. How can you say there is grace for money but there is no righteousness? Even through giving and receiving there is no righteousness in it, do not call it grace. Where there is grace we call the ‘fullness of God’.

God was pleased to allow His fullness to dwell in His son. It was not about money in [Galatians 2], that is when Peter put the grace of God aside. Some circumcised and have the mark of the earth. They put the fullness of God aside. When you have grace you are able to eat with everyone including the Gentiles.

When you have grace you can drink poison and not die. You eat anything and you do not wait for special food but you eat what you find because there is grace. If you put the grace of God aside, when you eat poison, you will die.

When you have grace, when there is no food but only have poison you eat and not die. Where there is grace there is no lack. Where there is grace, there is no lack. There is no shortage at all.

Last week I drove long distance without petrol in the tank. I poured petrol and there was no enjoyment. Then God taught me, there is enjoyment when there is only me there. When there is enjoyment there is only God and nothing earthly. We tend to apply enjoyment when the earth is added.

Let us understand grace!!! You will have such grace. God promised that the Holy Spirit will come in the ‘New Testament’ but what was happening with David.

He was supposed to be forgiven through the blood of animal but he said “you do not delight in sacrifice or I would bring it. God delights in a broken heart, broken spirit – [Psalm 51]”. He further says, ‘Forgive me according to your multitudes of grace, mercies and unfailing love.’

Do not cast me out of your presence and do not take your Holy Spirit away from me. Yet it was in the old testament. Grand me the willing mind so that I can be sustained, the mind of Christ. I am here to do the ‘Will of my Father’. David asked for the same mind.

When I am sustained I will not die until I reach my purpose. Then I will teach sinners your ways and sinners will return to You, – repentance. Peter stands and preaches, David had to yet ascended t heaven yet he said the Lord said to my lord it on my right until I make your enemies as a footstool under your feet.

When we worship from above all grace abounds to us. A cheerful heart is not determined by how much you have but by the grace of God in your heart – it is for the glory of God. Where there is grace there is no such thing as waste of money or extravagance.

This month we are going to spend a lot of money. What I know, your love will not be controlled by how much you have. Forgive me according to your unfailing love, for love does not fail. If my heart is there I will not check how much I need. Because when I love God, there is no failure!

If you love someone indeed, you will not fail that person. If someone said they love you and they failed you, it was not the love of God. Unless you are not fully sure of the love they love you with. Once you have such grace, it overrules the amount of money you have.

You do not have to wait till you are 60, wait on donations and then build. I am not talking about anyone but this is family matters.

Loving God so much is an unfailing love. When money lands here it must multiply. Gifts are without repentance, they are irrevocable. Everyone has a gift. Unfailing love builds, it does not destroy.

Such love is full of grace!


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