How Rabboni Centre Ministries Started

I did not know whether I should start or not. I was in a previous church which was the church that I was attending. I was ministering and I was under the law. It was a church that is under the law but God was using me there and then I did not know whether I should or not.

It was not my decision until I met this other woman who was having a lot of cancer and she was prayed for where we were. Then cancer will go and come back again. I would pray for her and she visited another place out of the country and she was healed. When she came back the cancer came back.

I believe God used her for a reason. She was more comfortable when I would pray for her. She was all the characters of Sarah in the Bible, the fruits of the Spirit. Even though she was sick but I would associate her with an angel.

Every time when they would be somewhere and she is sick, she would say “take me to Lesego”. When they bring her to my place, where I stayed, just arriving at the gate she would be healed. She would come being in a critical state, having spasms, being very far but just arriving at the gate, she gets healed yet the cancer would come back again.

I would associate her with an angel. She had all the fruits of the Spirit. You would try to be naughty but when she speaks you would be humble. You would listen. It is like her Spirit will humble you.

One day she said, “I can see God is greatly using you. Where I was out of the country I met this other man of God and I would like you to meet him”. When she spoke you would become humble, it is like God speaks.

She said, “I am going to look for this man of God. I want you to meet him”.  She got busy for 2-3 days looking for that man making calls and somewhere they could not give her information for security purposes. Finally, they connected her with him and she made an appointment with him. It is a 3 hours’ drive from where I was living.

I went and met with that man of God. That man is Prophet Kobus Van Rensburg. He sat down with me and I told him everything. He began to tell me the story of his life and in a way, it was as if he is also talking about me. Speaking about persecutions, the way God was using him and people started talking about him.

He started talking about my life; how, where I was things were going with me. God was using me so much and he spoke my life. He told me about the area where I was staying, how people are talking about me, and how people are going to witches because of the way God is using me.

He said a whole lot of things about me. I got shocked. He explained everything and he said, “I am from the same denomination that you come from”. He said “I am, from there and you are from there. Where I was I went to meet with someone just as you are here to see me, and that is how someone told me “go and start”.

He said, “now go and start”. I had this confidence. I just left. The very same week I had the confidence.

Where I am from it was not really a comfortable level as I would put it. There was great persecution, being handled somehow. God was still using me and that day after he (Prophet Kobus Van Rensburg) spoke to me, I felt so much love for where I come from. It is like love just grew just like that!

That week remember he said “go and start” and he said “the same way that you came to me that is the same way I went to someone. A great man of God and he said “go and start” and he said, “I am telling you now go and start”. I felt that confidence and at the same time, the love was so much with the people who discovered the gift, meaning the church where I was.

I went to look for a venue at TUT. There was no money and the venue was so expensive. I tried to negotiate the price and they said: “We are not going down, this is the price”. I just said we are taking it. I just used faith as confidence. That last Sunday where I was leading a branch I had to make sure that I tell them I am leaving, this is God who says I must leave.

That Sunday I taught the message and I spoke. I told them that I am leaving. It was like a funeral. People were crying everywhere when I said I was leaving.

That is when I had already booked at TUT because going at TUT we had no money and I just said I am leaving. I just saw money coming in, people giving and that is how it started.

The very Sunday, the first Sunday on the 17th Nov 2002, 18 years ago, that day a song came to me “Jesus is the answer for the World today”. That song came to me. I cried bitterly when I was thinking of where I was coming from because I felt this love.

I loved them so deep and God made me realise that “acknowledge them because they were used to discover you”. It was tough, it was not easy. “They were used to discover you”. I cried bitterly. I am a man who does not cry easily. I think it is dry in my eyes.

That day I was made very soft and that is the day I started Rabboni Centre Ministries.

Going back to that woman who led me to that prophet, she was so happy now. She was so happy but now the sickness was getting worse. In 3 months’ time, she passed on. That is when I realised that God used her as an instrument for Rabboni Centre Ministries to start.

I cannot forget. Always when people ask me “how did Rabboni Centre Ministries start?” I touch that woman because I realised that God used her. Because she only left after Rabboni Centre Ministries has started, that is when she passed on and before she left she told everybody that I must be the one to bury her.

I have never seen such a massive funeral where there were more men than women. A lot of people were there and when I preached there, many gave themselves to the Lord. Many were born again and that is when I realised and said: “Yes, God used this woman to soften me, to listen, to become obedient and to start Rabboni Centre Ministries”.

That is how, Rabboni Centre Ministries started.

To God Be The Glory!