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“One day I was walking with my mother and sister while my mother was holding me by the hand. Suddenly an accident happened, and my mother was hit by a car as I was holding her hand, she then passed on right in front of our eyes while my sister was held by someone”.

The story of Brother Pule can be counted as one of the stories that touch a person’s most holy emotions because as he narrated his childhood experiences and backgrounds that led him to drugs to the viewers of RTV.

Brother Pule further mentioned that:

“After that day, life was never the same again. I was 5 years old, my sister and i had to go and live with my grandmother and aunty. Life was never easy because they were both unemployed and the circumstances forced me to start looking for piece jobs at an early age. I would clean people’s yards for an income to support my family and myself. This was not always the case because other days, we will go to bed without food and I will not have a lunch box at school as well.

This caused me to start to develop the love of money and I wanted to do more of the piece jobs to survive.
Along the way, I started having the wrong company of friends who led me to steal. The stealing started small but with time it aggravated to a point where I was jailed.

During my stay in Prison, I started joining gangsters and we would rob fellow inmates to get something to maintain ourselves. Upon every successful robbery, one will be rewarded with a drug. I was not taking drugs by then, so I will just give it away but overtime I was tempted to test it. With the continuous intake of the drugs, I ended up being addicted to a point where my body dependent on drugs.

Though my heart would try to resist drugs,my body will want them. By the grace of God, I served my sentence and was released from prison. My family was happy for me that I am back from prison and that I have learned my lessons. They offered me an opportunity to run the “spaza” shop (informal convenient store, commonly found in townships), which I run successfully and I managed to buy some properties including a van for myself.

One day, another guy who used to work at the “spaza” shop came while he was having heroin. He edged me to test it and I did. That particular testing experience caused me to be addicted to drugs again and I started wasting the profit generated to buy drugs and alcohol. I sold everything I owned, even things that were belonging to my family in order to feed my addiction.

Hopeless and discouraged as I was, one of my sisters who is fellowshipping here at Rabboni Centre Ministries invited me to the War Against Addiction outreach at Hammanskraal in Pretoria. From that exposure, I started developing an interest to quit drugs and I joined my fellow brothers here at Rabboni Farm to be fully delivered from this addiction.

With the support of the team and engagement in daily devotion, my life started changing for the better.

Today I can proudly say, “I am living a purposeful life” but above all,”I am Born Again, I am a Child of God”.”

As he uttered these words, the Glory and Joy of the Lord visibly covered his face. It was joy unspeakable as brother Pule continues to laugh at his past and being thankful to the father [Prof Lesego Daniel] and his sons (disciples) for accepting him with warm hands.

Who can stand against this everlasting joy? Surely, there is none, for it is the Lord who blesses!

In conclusion, he said he is ready to share his life story to motivate and alert youth about drugs addiction. Furthermore, he was humbled and expressed love as he was in awe when appreciating our father in the Lord, Prof Lesego Daniel. Pule said, “He (Prof Lesego Daniel) listens attentively, gives us a chance and sees treasure within us, though people of the world judge and label us with derogatory names. He sees Generals in us.”

When God has loved you indeed there is no circumstance that can stop Him from showing His greatness in your life for now our brother Pule is a glorious man who knows God with his heart. He is no longer an addict but an everlasting guy.


To God be the glory!!!

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  • Blessings

    Wow wow, this is a wonderful and touching story. It’s amazing how God can touch people and have them transformed. Praise God… Hallelujah!!!

  • James

    I am blessed by this testimony ,i have been following Rabboni ministry for some time now, i have really been Blessed by your teaching I feel so faith lifted, want experience God the way you experience God,I need the touch of God physically and spiritually in my life. thank you.

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