Blessed viewers we are in the garden, we have retired, we are trained, we believe one thing that was shown, we are trained from above and many nations shall know Christ through us.

We have started with the “Training in the Matters of the Kingdom”, we thank God for training and raising many, and if you are trained you shall be greater than John.

We can be trained and graduate but if the character is not dealt with, we are nothing.

I declare impartation of the character of Christ and the glory to be able to do all things, I declare such glory upon us all.

I declare, you are getting what is strange and you are very strange as well. If they thought they know you they never knew you, they better seek the face of God to know you.

Some people to know them you have to ask, the greater One Himself, who is this person, the one who make him, He will show you that he is made and not created.


We are going to give right now, giving is from above – from God, it causes repentance and causes one to be saved.

There are people who pleased God before they were born-again like the centurion man, God made a plan for them to be born-again and how much more about you if you are born-again.

How do we see that [Acts 10] we find Cornelius: God was pleased with his giving, even you give to please God, God will do something even though you, when you did not expect, Cornelius pleased God even though he was not born-again, and God was pleased!

He did not plan that am going to church, I want the man of God to show me Christ. He just gave he was a Gentile but God has to come with a special vision to Peter he brought a sheet, it was for Cornelius not for Peter that is why he said, “I cannot eat what is unclean…”

God was sending Peter to the unclean people according to the law the Greeks are not supposed to meet with the Gentile.

He was sending him to the Gentile, if you preach he will send you to those who are in Israel. He said eat and kill, you are going to eat what you are not supposed to eat. God come with what you are not eating, pork and say kill and eat, he say it is Cornelius he is better than you.

[Matthew 8] the Centurion who told Jesus just say the word he was not even born-again he came with understanding of authority he said to Jesus I say to this one go, he goes, that is the authority I have, now I am under your authority just say the word and my servant will be healed. Jesus said, “I never seen such faith even in Israel.”

Even though he is from the Jews but they never had such faith, you find somebody who’s not born-again better than the church, giving better than he church.

You used to spend time and your money to the things of this world before you we born-again, when you get there [festival] things are in order you paid your entrance, you dance until you come back on Monday you didn’t care how much you spent.

But when you are born-again you know budget better than when you were born-again, you would not postpone, the way you are postponing the things of God, but when the event come you don’t care about budget you will see it later.

There are churches that they check if you paid tight, you will never take advantage because there is no such grace. We pray for everybody even those who are not born-again, when they get healed they know where they are coming from. The women gave to the ministry of Paul a giving that was never seen before, they will give like nobody’s business but you have been a born-again.

Christian for many years never understood what they carry and they will still want somebody to preach to them, and you know the truth.

I prophesied a certain man and God delivered him, the next day I begin to sing a song I said, who can sign with me the man came and sung with me, the wife told me how rough he lived but just by giving, God made a plan for him to be born again, the wife became a pastor they now work together. I believe God made a plan for him because of his giving

God was pleased with Cornelius, He said the way he gives he must be born-again, he had authority in knowing giving and authority in moving God.

You say you are born-again but someone has to preach in order for you to give. God planned that I can’t lose this one, let me make a plan for his name to be written in the book of life.

There are people who don’t go to the interviews, if the owner of the company says I want this person you cannot say he did not follow procedures, the same with God, if God appoint you, you can’t say he wasn’t born-again.

Hitler came with his commanders, his horse started misbehaving and he was in trouble, all the commanders were on horses. When he was just about to fall, there was a soldier who was walking around the ground he grabbed the horse and Hitler did not fall, he said, “I thank you, General!” he changed his position to a higher rank he was promoted to a position of a General.

David said to those who were supposed to guard Saul you fail to protect your master, so who saved the master?

Hitler was saved by a minor person, you cannot think about, the master could die whilst you are there and calling yourself a general, after his promotion people said: why this one? Some said Hitler spoke even if you can strike the boss has spoken.

[Matthew 15:22-28] If Jesus can say to a woman there is no faith that you have, then the woman begged and Jesus says, ‘you are a dog!’ His disciples were making noise don’t you hear he says you are dog. Who was tested there? The disciples.

She understands the word better than them, she says: “even dogs eat the bread crumbs that fall from the children’s table,” the woman had higher position and she receives the right of sonship.

[Matthew 8], Here, is the Centurion not born-again he gave, many will come from the East it is because of the word, and they will come looking for the word. He said many will come in the Kingdom to join Abraham and Jacob whilst subject of the Kingdom are thrown out.

Who is talking about the Centurion? Many will come whilst subjects are thrown out, don’t be too comfortable, if you are stacked with your religion. But God identify someone out there, even better than you, He who began the good work in you will completely finish it.

Cornelius was a Gentile but his actions were above those who were Jews, he knows the authority which Peter did not have, how much more about us when we are born-again, among those who were following Christ there was no one who was doing that.

After he saw the vision, God has already planned for a person to receive the Holy Spirit, before the baptism of water because that it is for repentance, he receives the Holy Spirit before repentance, he was not born-again but it says he loved God. There are people who love God even though they are not born-again.

There were people who pray to God whom they don’t know. How did Paul know that Jesus is the Lord he said, “Who are you Lord?”

He said, “Your prayers had come up as a memorial…” he is not born-again but what he did it became an aroma to God. Cornelius gave something that God can never forget; whatever you do make sure it is a memorial before God.

We are in training, you leave this side of the earth there is nothing you have left. Let no one forget about you, as they fear God they must fear you because your memorial is before God, they must hear you the same because you left something that people cannot forget.

Are you here to be forgotten by God? Deliver a memorial of doing everything good for God, do that in order that no one forget, that is what we call the glory.

God will say about you: there is someone I didn’t forget; you don’t give to be forgotten by God. Someone can say a memorial of preaching why such a memorial?

When He said to the Centurion: I have never seen such faith, it was the faith of preaching the word, the prostitute comes, and it is not something that will be forgotten after she bought a perfume. Jesus said to his disciples, “You didn’t even give me a glass of water or kiss my feet.”

Jesus said: “In the future you will never finish reading this book without coming across the story of this woman,” this is what we are learning about the memorial.

Many we read the book of God’s Generals, you qualify to read and teach after we read about their success and failures.

What kind of memorial will you live on earth?

Let your memorial before God become positive, God made a plan for their names to be written.

I have never seen such faith; you were made righteous because of your faith, with faith you don’t have to wait to be born-again. By faith Cornelius saw that people are suffering he helped them, he was made righteous, the Centurion was not born-again, but because his faith was a memorial before God, he was made righteous.

If somebody loves you, what you do let it be something that they will never forget, don’t depend on your looks – beauty, when they meet others nothing can move the memorial, they will say you are nothing compared to the one I met before, even if you can come with serious make-up but I never met a woman who carry such a memorial, memorial conquers!

If you don’t give a good thing you are forgotten, not just forgotten, there is memorial which is going to remove bad memorial, good memorial removes bad memorial.

His giving becomes a memorial before God. Somebody is asking memorial of giving and of signs? It will teach Gentiles to come to God it is not only healing but it saves a sick person.

[John 2], Jesus turns water into wine it become a memorial He pleased God.

I want us to understand giving you are written in the memorial of God. [Matthew 10:8-10] Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give.” When He sends them He said take no gold or silver…” there is memorial.

[2 Corinthians 12: 11] Paul says, “Genuine marks of an apostle were miracle, signs and wonders and there were done with great perseverance…” there is a mark for one to see genuine.

Genuine mark is not how many cars you have; you have more than twelve (12) cars it means somebody is not right in their mind, how much money one need to build a church?

Please, you young preachers go and do it by faith. Look at your father I don’t want you to look for fund raising do it now make a memorial before God, you do greater miracles but it doesn’t go with your building. Do you have land?

People may hate you but your picture is in their mind it is a memorial, they can’t forget about you. When they enter their house a better picture touches their emotions, you see the man in a vision, and you can’t bath away the man.

What you do, make sure it is memorial, something that can’t be forgotten.

Imagine you meet with Moses or Abraham and they say we know what you have done [miracle, signs and wonders] when we had a meeting in heaven, we said we have never seen such, giving pleases God it goes beyond a material that you give.

So the genuine mark of an apostle is not in material, there are so many things that the devil use as a strategy, he knows that people honor people because of what they have, there is a special mark where we see honour in heaven and on earth.

I am persecuted for your sake, let me receive more beatings in order for you to receive mysteries from Christ, when I go out to meet them don’t cut anybody else’s ear, live a memorial!

Our giving comes where Jesus say, ‘freely give…” they went without bags.

Where you go make a memorial, I believe everybody is challenged. I believe this teaching is in your mind, if I say to you in your house there is white elephant everyone you are picturing this, I didn’t say where, it is already in your mind, it is memorial, how much more when it is a word from God.

If you are son here, I asked them where is the land I don’t ask where is the money, some come with excitement and I say I bought a land, and I will say, ‘you are playing you have to get something big, what I see it is not what I saw, you are greater than that, God has not destined you for this,’ and everybody say is great but the father said you are playing.

I know what I gave – what I imparted don’t embarrass my giving. I don’t ask you what are you doing with money I live a memorial with you so that what I said come to pass my vision is your vision.

What is written in the bible everything that God has not forgotten they became a memorial, there are memorial which are not written, you have to reveal them, they are not recorded what is written it is only written to help you to believe.

We have twelve (12) disciples, we know what Peter wrote, do you know the gospel of Bartholomew, the gospel of Nathaniel, and it is one person or the gospel of Andrew? You don’t know what they have done, can you reveal and show us and register a memorial of what they have written, download them and say this is what they have done.

The nuns were praying; the building was finished without staircase. They prayed, God help us get us somebody who will build a staircase and get the person to come on time, whilst they were busy praying a person came with a tool box and he said, ‘I am Joseph- a carpenter, he begins to do it, after he was done he vanished, they realised that the staircase is there but it does not touch the ground.

There was a country that was suffering financially and there was a mountain in that countries someone prayed and said don’t worry about your finances then he said: mountain move! After that everybody came to see where the mountain moved, now the country flourished because of tourists coming from everywhere, many people got employed.

If you give your finances and the mountain moves, the economy of the country will be better, but you in this country if a man do a miracle, your country suffers because of your stupidity of not recognizing the memorial, people come from afar who realizes, he said freely you have received, freely give.

In whatever you do, live a mark, a memorial from above will never be forgotten. This is the Training we have retired in a garden!

Jesus comes in [John 1] Nathaniel Israelites indeed, in whom there is no guile, there is memorial, and it is registered! He said an Israelites indeed and he never said that to anybody.

They were all happy they see demons going out, an excitement that will never last; the word will be stolen when circumstances come. When the word gets stolen there is no memorial, when you are giving today is it memorial before God or what.

Because of Cornelius, Peter saw what he has never seen before and it challenged him, let people see visions because of you.

[Acts 10]

Here, the angel came to Cornelius and said: “Your prayers and giving has come up as a memorial offering before God…” as it comes before God everything you do must go up. How many people giving will enter the mind of God, today!

God said send men to Joppa to bring back a man named Simon Peter…” it means he was there before, he missed, he couldn’t identify, so God has to attend such situation.

After that Peter God has to make sure that Peter sees a vision, if not he would have refused, it was impossible for Peter to freely give what God has given him to the Gentile, so for him to freely give they have to call him, he was there but he could not give and he was send out without anything.

The Gentile received the Holy Spirit while he was preaching. Peter he could not give freely to Cornelius all of the sudden the Holy Spirit came down; they have received the Holy Spirit because a memorial has already been registered.

Their giving was registered to God, I can’t lose him his giving affected other people, why did they receive the Holy Spirit together with him, it says: Cornelius and his house hold, they saw him as a role model. whatever you have seen in me put it into practice and the God of peace shall be with you.

God blessed everybody who was with Cornelius. Everybody who’s with you are they practicing what is good. It is Training in the Matters of the Kingdom we need to understand what we give.

That is why you don’t pay registration fee for this trainings, some they are so high and not everyone can afford you have to pay R25 000 to get Anointing, it means some demons can’t go out, if you don’t pay they can’t go.

Some say Anointing is a secret that is why people must pay, we come from the secret churches but we have entered those with secret and they are called Christian churches.

Peter had to come back, that is why God had to give him a vision, Cornelius he is not common he is strange before you, you can meet with him, I don’t give what is unclean, I give Cornelius freely, he is uncommon he is not common.

Because of traditions the disciples walked with Christ but trapped in Jewish traditions, it is not right for Jewish to meet with Gentiles. So, I know how to draw Christ in my house, in the beginning was the Word and the word was with God and the word was God, it is not the Jews but that which was from the beginning it was not just healing but salvation

Many you have to know when you give, freely you have received so freely give, many suffer with the issue of giving, it is not a memorial, I just saw a spirit of religion living so many people!

Peter goes there because of the vision don’t call what I give common, what I give is not unclean. It is not a good vision for a man of God to see such kind of a vision, you come to a man of God because you think something is wrong with you, it means if such a vision did not come you wouldn’t have gone there.

God show him in the spirit that your fulfillment will come if you have freely given. God showed him it is not human hunger, go back. There are men of God out there they are hungry, there is something they did not do, it will require them to go back, they were afraid of persecution go back give.

If what you give it is not changing people life’s, you are giving them your mark [Galatians 6] there are places that you have to go back to, before God takes it [Anointing] and gives it to those who acknowledge it, know God in the spirit.

He regarded him as a Jew and it was unlawful for him to go there, but God says: there is a memorial concerning what you are rejecting.

I honour what you received, I am not giving you money, make sure you don’t go without giving, it is the same as seek first the kingdom and everything shall be added.

[Luke 22], for now keep the sword there will be a time you are going to use the sword, vengeance is mine, go and freely give there is one who will fight for you.

A memorial of giving registered before the throne of God, by Cornelius who was a Gentile and according to the vision he was already uncommon.

I am sending you where you don’t want to go, this is where you are going to eat, understand the mystery what we have just read.

As you come to give are you delivering a special memorial before God or what? We are going to give I believe God has spoken to many.

It is Him who began a good work and he will completely finish it, it is the work of memorial to do what is right

Who has already prepared before God and do something that will never be forgotten? Those watching is a memorial and I thank God for those who bring their memorial, let us give our memorial, those watching take the account number and give our memorial, something that will make God not to forget.

We give and make a mark and continue to help others, it is to cause them to understand the mystery Himself, where you are, as God speaks, as you give it is with genuine heart and God cannot afford to lose a cheerful giver, all grace includes salvation. Thank you, for giving into this ministry!

Give and live a memorial, if you give you will get what you never expected, it is what you never think or imagine.


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    Thank you Papa for the Word and the Revelation/Revival ? I appreciate you for releasing the E-Book. The font is so easy to read. To God be the glory!

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