Many who regard themselves as being ‘old[er]’ do so in intimidation. They always want to feel their presence felt by making others feel inferior.

In the spiritual sense, being a youth is to be younger. I started experiencing persecutions from the time I started working for God and they taught me that an early stage [in one’s life] is very important. I would often be referred to as a ‘young boy’ or ‘young man’ from Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria. That is when I started enjoying the phrase ‘young boy (man)’.

Persecutions also come with development. Therefore, you need to understand what it means to be younger.

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  1. Thank you for this ebook, it really helped me a lot especially with dealing with youthful lust and causing me to understand positive lust. Messiah’s blessings papa, Priscilla.

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