Pre-Incarnate Teaching – Joseph’s Testimony

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the series of the teaching of “being the spirit man”, two people came forward to give testimony in allegory of the teaching of the pre-incarnate Christ. One of them is Joseph from DRC and below is his testimony and a dialog with one of the RTV Presenter as well as our father Prof. Lesego Daniel during the Zoom interaction:


My biological mom used to tell me about many things I used do when I was young, which she wrote them in her diary. When I was a child, I used to have many dreams where I encountered the man of God, Prof. Lesego Daniel [whom I did not know by them]. Growing up, I did not remember them fully but when I got to Rabboni Centre Ministries something happened. As I started listening to Prof. Lesego, Daniel it got revealed to me that his voice is the same voice that I heard while I was young. It became so

explicitly clear that this voice I recognize it from my dreams while growing up.”

“In one of the dreams, I was in the dark, shouting then I heard a voice calling my name ‘Joseph’. The person took me with him and we flew. While flying we passed through streams and he told me about the things that would happen in the future. What he told and showed me would really happen. He even showed me how my biological father would be appointed as a pastor and at that time, he [my father] was a Muslim. He took me back and there would be two lions that made me fly. The way the lions were

flying with me was as if I was falling off them and when I fell off them, I would wake up.”

Prof. Lesego Daniel:

“Joseph, how old were you when you had the dream?”


“I was 7 years old. I remember vividly because at that time I had a nanny that was abusing me and that is when everything started. Spirits would appear and want to beat my sister and I. I told my mom about those spirits and how they would beat us if we would not sleep. Our only safe space was to sleep. She [my mother] would explain to me about things of the dark and taught me to cancel the bad dreams. I

didn’t know much and I didn’t know how to pray well because I was still a child.”

Once, I had a dream of my mom wearing a white gown and it was as if she was dying. I asked why would my mom die, and the voice of Prof. Lesego Daniel told me not to worry because my mom will not pass on. When I woke up, I explained the dream to my mom.

RTV Presenter:

“You remember the things that occurred when you were 7 years old in 2002?”


“Yes, I remember. Every time I came to papa [Prof. Lesego Daniel] there would always be two dreams that I would remember. When papa speaks, the images or reflection of those dreams would come back to me. On one of the Tuesday services at church, I manifested demons and papa told me to stay behind

as he wanted to talk to me. We spoke and He told me to go to the church’s deliverance room.”

“I even wrote about those dreams and asked Papa to please explain them to me. In 2018 I was made to go to deliverance room [at Rabboni Centre Ministries] with certain two brothers. They were the same as the lions I dreamt about back in 2002. They spoke the same way as in the dream and that feeling I got while I was with them brought me back to that dream. I knew then that Papa Lesego Daniel was my

father [through the gospel].”

RTV Presenter:

“In the year 2002, when Joseph was just 7 years old that was when Rabboni Centre Ministries was founded. Joseph, you mentioned that in the dream you were seeing yourself in darkness and the voice took you out and flew with you. When this voice came to you, he called you by the name Joseph. When

did you start using the name Joseph?”


“The name Joseph was given to my mom [when I was born] by a woman who was at the hospital. The moment before she gave me that name, I looked as though I was fainting. Passing by, she stopped and prophesied to my mother about the name. Only my mother knows about the prophecy and she wrote it

in her diary.”

RTV Presenter: [confirmation of the teaching about the book of names]

“We have seen from the book of names when our father, Prof. Lesego Daniel was giving people new names. You began to use the name Joseph because before then they didn’t know you as Joseph. Was the name in your Identity Document even though you were called by it at home?


At home they were calling me Jeff because my biological father did not want me to be called Joseph because that name belonged to his father who was in a cult church. In 2015, before I came to South Africa, we went to another country. My mother had a dream about a woman taken by the dragon

[scripture reference – Revelations 12] which is in connection with my birth.”

“I found myself at my father’s house; mind you that I never told my father that I’m using the name Joseph. Many people knew me by the name Benjamin. After time went by the name Joseph was used.


The above record of Joseph’s testimony was during the Friday Service on 12 February 2020 and on 14 February, during the Sunday service, Joseph’s mother joined in the zoom service to give testimony of her account of her experience with Joseph while he was a child.

Joseph’s Mother:

I think what is happening today is a mystery because Joseph’s birth was a mystery. I was supposed to die before giving birth to him due to some complications. When I was at the hospital before he was born, I had a revelation about him that I will have a son who will be a prophet. This was also confirmed in the church that I was in. Before I gave birth to him, I was bleeding so badly that things did not look promising. While I was laying there, I prayed to the Lord that if it is your will for me to die, then I am at peace with it but if it is not, then let me live Lord. Immediately after I said that prayer, the bleeding stopped and even the doctors were shocked at how the bleeding stopped.”

“After giving birth and got home I had a revelation of a woman who gave birth to a baby in Revelations 12, where a dragon wanted to take the baby.”

“Growing up, he would see big things. At times he would tell me that there are people who are coming
“When he was growing, at the age of 5, I was personally frightened because there was a dark presence in the house. It was satanic. We lived with a granny who practiced witchcraft. [At the time I was not aware of this]. So, Joseph would tell me that I should not go into the house because they will through stuff at me that will hurt. Joseph told me not to enter, but I did and there were thorns that hurt me. So they would always give me food, but Joseph would tell me that I should not eat the food. And indeed the food, which was a simple mince and rice had this weird, bad smell. So Joseph made eggs with milk for me to eat.”

to take him. Joseph was a child who was dreaming a lot and so I read about Joseph in the bible just to get a picture of his life, so that I can understand my son.”

RTV Presenter:

“From what Joseph said, he saw the man of God on TV and when he heard his voice, he was immediately reminded of the dreams he had as a child. He said this is the man who used to rescue him [in the dreams] from darkness.

Joseph, when did you first encounter the man of God”?


“I first had a spiritual encounter with the man of God in the year 2002 when I started seeing him in my dreams. By then I did not know where he comes from or his name. Until I had a physical encounter with him when I visited Rabboni Centre Ministries.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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