Pre-Incarnate Teaching – Ms. Nonhlanhla’s Testimony

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CHOSEN IN CHRIST BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN

2 Corinthians 10:3, “For though we walk (live) in the flesh, we are not carrying on our warfare according to the flesh and using mere human weapons.”

Our father, Prof. Lesego Daniel has been teaching us about the spirit man overpowering and having dominion over the flesh. Apostle Paul would refer to his divine as ‘that man’ because he (divine) existed [before the manifestation of the flesh] in Christ before the beginning of the foundations of the earth.

During the Friday Live service dated 12 February 2021, we had a testimony from Ms. Nonhlanhla of how, as a young girl 40 years ago, she met a man of God who healed her from a deadly disease and ushered her in receiving Jesus Christ as her Lord and [personal] Saviour.

Hebrews 4:12, “For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making if active, operative,

energizing and effective]”

Below is Ms. Nonhlanhla’s testimony for further reading:

“Thank you, my father for this opportunity to give this testimony.

Firstly, I would like to greet my family and father in the house. My name is Nonhlanhla and I am from

KwaZulu-Natal. My testimony is about healing and an encounter with the man of God, Prof. Lesego


I grew up in a village, in a family of 10 children of which I am the seventh child. I had a twin and we both suffered from a lung disease called asthma. The twin, unfortunately passed away due to this disease. At the age of twelve I suffered so much with this disease that I collapsed and died. However, four hours later I started coughing and everyone who was in the house [at that time] ran away. When I woke up, I saw lit candles around me which signify that indeed I was declared dead. The people I lived with in the villages, decided to take me to my parents’ house because it was closer to the hospitals.

When I got to the hospital and the doctors examined me, they found that everything was normal, nothing was wrong with me. Because this disease was a generational curse, the family was afraid that I

might die again. On our way back to the village [from the city in which the hospitals were], my mother and I travelled on a train. While we were in the train, there was a man who was holding and reading his bible seated opposite us.This man looked at me as though he recognised me from somewhere or as though he was reading my eyes. While my mother was sleeping next to me, this man asked for my name and questioned if I suffered from any sickness. I answered ‘yes’ to his question and told him I was suffering from asthma and that I had died. He asked if I knew Jesus Christ of which I answered ‘no’. The man further said I must accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and I will not get sick anymore. At that time, I was 12 years old and I knew nothing about Jesus Christ, but after declarations he made, I was a born-again child of God.

When my mother woke up, she only saw this man of God preparing to jump off at the next train station. When we got to our village, I told my family that I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and that I met a man of God who told me about Jesus and that He [Jesus] lives in me. And that there will be no sickness in the house anymore. My family did not believe me because I was telling them about a sickness that was upsetting everyone in the house.”The sickness that was accepted as a family sickness.

Engagement between man of God Prof. Lesego Daniel, Ms. Nonhlanhla and Sister Phathu [RTV presenter]

Prof. Lesego Daniel: “When you say 40 years later, how old were you when you died for 4 hours?”

Ms. Nonhlanhla: “At that time, I was 12 years old and 40 years later while I was scrolling through channels, I came across a channel where that man of God who delivered me was delivering people. I jumped over the coach, I screamed and cried out in tongues, [a language I did not know at that time]. I was so scared because I was manifesting, and I did not know anything about manifestations until I came to Rabboni Centre Ministries. I was crying and people asked what was happening to me? I told them that the man of God on Rabboni TV is the same man of God who healed my asthma. These people, however, did not know that I had asthma when I was a child and that I once died. They did not know of the generational curse of asthma that my whole family had. They asked how I knew it was him, I then told them the man of God was wearing the same clothes (grey pants and white shirt) he had on when I met him on the train.

The day I met the man of God on the train, it was the day asthma left my family. As I am talking Papa, my parents had 10 children who are all still alive and healthy.

Back then, we moved out of the village we lived in because the people there were calling me “Mafa, vuga” – meaning “the one who died then resurrected” and this hurt and upset me a lot.

My mother would even say that I was troublesome whilst the other twin who died was better, because I used to eat grass and jump like a frog. I faced so many persecutions until I came across Rabboni Centre


In 2018, it was very tough for me because I decided that I must come see the man of God. Unfortunately, I was scared to tell Papa (Prof. Lesego Daniel) about the encounter because I thought he would not believe me. On different occasions, I narrated this to someone and to a certain man of God and they both told me to never repeat this to anyone as it is both unbelievable and impossible to have met a man then and later after 44 years. I was scared to talk, but it was the truth. Even my mother saw the man of God who healed me.

Therefore, that is how I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and how my family got freed from asthma. I just want to thank God.”

Papa Lesego Daniel:

“I believe you were scared to tell people how you got born again. It is scary. I believe there are many people who have experienced such. You meet a man of God on the train at the age of 12 (now you are 51 years old). When you were at the age of 12, the man of God was [biologically and physically] 4 years old. Indeed, you must be scared. There are scriptures that can testify to what you are saying right now.

Ephesian 1:4, “We were chosen in Christ before the world began.”

Understand why she was so scared. In the book of Daniel, king Nebuchadnezzar saw someone who looked like the son of the gods in the fire [with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego]. Now, who was in that fire? Before His time, before the physical man was born.

You are helping others who are also afraid. I just wanted to explain this as it is so strange. It is surprising, but God moves in His own ways.

RTV Presenter:

Further to what our father was saying, God says, “I have ordained you as a prophet for the nations” meaning that before you were born, the calling of God was upon you. The calling of a prophet upon our father [Prof. Lesego Daniel] was already there. Hence at the age of 12 Ms. Nonhlanhla was able to see a grown man of God, Lesego Daniel, and not the 4-year-old Lesego Mosuoe. At that time, Prof. Lesego was a young boy.

Apostle Paul states that we were chosen in Christ because we were formed before the beginning of the foundations of this earth. That is the reason why, in Genesis 1, God says ‘Let Us make man in Our own image’. We were in Him even from the beginning.

Ms. Nonhlanhla:

It was not a dream, it was not a vision, it was not a trance, everyone in the village knew that I died and rose again, and that I saw this man of God. When I saw him [Prof Lesego Daniel] I was 12, and he was an adult man holding his black bible and wearing a white shirt. Now when I saw him on TV, I first recognized the voice which drew me closer to him and when I saw him, I started to manifest. This has been troubling me for years and It was my wish to explain this to you, my Father.

Papa Lesego Daniel:

Remember Jesus said in John 8:58: “Before Abraham, I was”.

Ephesian 1:4, if you are chosen in Christ from before the world began, then we have been with Him. When He (Jesus Christ) healed the blind man, we were there. Isaiah 53:1, Lord, who has believed our report”? He did not say, “Who has believed Your report, Lord. Where did Isaiah get that revelation to say ‘Our report’? How did he know that the message was not of the Lord alone, but it is his and the Lord’s?

If Daniel and his friends were to give their testimony now, they would say,” The Jesus we see with Peter, is the Jesus who was with us in the fire”. Your testimony sets many people free. We must not believe in reading the bible, but we must believe that the Word is in us, living and manifesting in us.

To God be the Glory[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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