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[James 1:2-4] “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”


“God has a way of repeating His story.” Our father in the Lord, Prof. Lesego Daniel frequently teaches and reminds us. Indeed, we have witnessed that God is not limited, moreover during this era of Covid-19 pandemic. During the exodus of the Israelites through the desert, God was testing their hearts yet showcasing His glory. We have witnessed men of the cloth protesting on the streets. Citing church building should be opened as it is essential service yet it was the stomach speaking. God spoke through His servant Prof. Lesego Daniel that the church must be closed. This was long time before the Government could restrict gathering of church services.


[Isaiah 55:8-9] “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways”, says the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Who can fathom the mind of God? Amidst the instructions to close the church we have seen many sons of the house given the instruction to start ministering (online) and while others have started and are starting ministries the during lockdown.


Apostle Michael Uber from Zimbabwe, leader of Wisdom and Knowledge International Ministries in Makhado, Limpopo whose ministry started in December 2019 after having a vision where God told him that from January 2021 until September 2021 [even if he can pray] his prayers will not be answered because He [God] wants to find out what is in his heart. Then his journey of refinery with God started.


He started being guided by our father, [Prof. Lesego Daniel] in September 2021 and in less than two (2) months both his ministry and spiritual life were restored. Even though it was tough [financially], the man of God held on and became obedient to the words of our father that church buildings should remain closed. During his testimony, he mentioned that his obedience was because he did not want to run “Stomach Centre Ministries” as many are disobedient to the instruction because they are worried that people will no longer tithe or offer.


It was on the 07th September 2021 where he sent a message to the Rabboni Office explaining to our father, Prof. Lesego Daniel of the suffering he was going through and that he was quitting the ministry because of feeling as though he was cursed. The following day [08th of September 2021] the office telephonically connected him to our father where he was advised of the way forward.


It was on the 08th October 2021 where our father [Prof. Lesego Daniel] gave a prophecy about someone who is a [blessed and gifted] preacher of the Word who is called by God, but when they are supposed to start the ministry, finances become a hindrance and that causes frustration and stress to a point where they do not want to serve God anymore.


To this prophecy, Apostle Michael Uber confirmed through the Rabboni WhatsApp line number. Stating how difficult things were that he was even thinking of quitting the ministry. Guidance from our father continued until Apostle Michael brought a testimony to glorify the Lord.


Below is the testimony/interview which was conducted by Pastor Phathu with Apostle Michael Uber during the Crossover service on the 31st December 2021.


???. ??????: Our father does not condone lawlessness. He wants us to obey the rules of the country. There was a point where, because of the call of God upon your life you knew that God has not called you to minister in Zimbabwe but in South Africa, however your papers (which allow you to stay in South Africa) were not in order. Take us through the time our father spoke to you concerning that and sending you back to get them [papers] sorted out.


??????? ??????? ????: When the call of God came upon me there was pressure. I had to leave everything that I was doing. God told me not to work (get a job), but I wanted to work in order to get papers [allowing me to come to South Africa]. It was a challenge because I had nobody to help me [even concerning the church], and I had no one to help me. I thank God papa does not show favouritism. He guided me in Truth and I managed to get my papers.


???. ??????: When the prophecy came out, you were in Zimbabwe, still trying to fix the issues regarding your passport. How did the prophecy relate to your life, ministry, personal life, finances as well as the persecutions you were going through?


??????? ??????? ????: Since God said I must not work, when I crossed from Zimbabwe challenges worsened. I was alone. When I came to South Africa, my family was under the impression that I was coming to work. Therefore, they expected something when I went back home. Only to find out that I am coming back with empty hands. I faced persecution at home and no one was willing to help me do anything. I was no longer welcome in my own house. The more I faced challenges, I forced myself to fast that God did not lead me into. It became worse that I could no longer access RTV (Rabboni TV) or have data [to access Rabboni Centre Ministries Social Media accounts].


I continued preaching and sending audios to sons who were in South Africa, but there was no giving or offering, I was doing everything by faith.


I remember having brand new pair of shoes, walking about 10km to town just to download messages to watch my father [Prof. Lesego Daniel]. Only to find that the Wi-Fi [to download messages] was not working. Nonetheless, I was neither hurt nor offended because I knew I had to make sure my fellowship with the father continued.


The other day after having walked that 10-25km, when I got there [the Wi-Fi place] Papa Lesego Daniel had already finished ministering [online]. I downloaded the teaching and when I listened to it, I realised that the prophecy was referring to me. I, then confirmed the prophecy through the Rabboni WhatsApp line. At that time, I really wanted to give up. I told God that if He called me to suffer [in that nothing is moving no sign given], if He cannot [even for one day] comfort me, He can take His ministry, but as for me, I will remain the [believing] son of Prof. Lesego Daniel.


Papa Lesego Daniel responded and prayed for me. He was so much concerned about my spiritual life. During that time when I spoke to him, I started having hope.


I became an orphan while doing Grade 2 and every time Papa [Lesego Daniel] speaks to me, I get the father figure feeling which I never had, and that causes me to submit and obey no matter the circumstances. For when the father has spoken, God has spoken.


???. ??????: Please tell us what was happening when you sent the message to our father during that period when you wanted to quit ministry?


??????? ??????? ????: The truth has no customer. When you are born from the Truth, your tongue does not speak what your heart does not carry. I was hated by all and have never been a friend to (of) anyone. When I went home [Zimbabwe], I had thoughts of relief thinking that I am going to be better. Even if I did not have money but a smile from my relatives and a welcome from my family would be better. Only to find out that it was worse than where I was coming from.


This made me want to quit. There was a time where I had no visions or dreams. My spiritual life was no more, even the hope of a better tomorrow was gone because God was searching my heart. My family never received (welcome) me.


I [even] went on fasting so that they would not see me enjoying what they had worked for. I was a foreigner in my own home; sleeping outside without a blanket. There was no sign of hope or explanation of why I was going through that.


My clothes were getting worn out. I had to borrow money from friends in order to minister to sons who were not [even] giving (offering). I do not even know if they were downloading the messages. Leaving the house at 18:00 – 06:00 just to watch the services online, it was hard. The new shoes I had started having holes in the soles. I got another pair [of shoes] and it too wearied out. When I got home, I would sleep for 30 minutes because an hour after that, everyone in the house would wake up not respecting or caring [that I was sleeping] because I was not important. I felt out of place and doubted if I was really called by God.


When one suffers in that manner, there is no motivation to pray or fast. Everything you do is in blindness.


I felt useless as I could not prophesy or see into people’s lives. When people called or sent prayer requests, I would not respond. So many times, I prayed for God to end my life before I could commit sin or betray Him.


???. ??????: After you sent that message you were connected to our father. What did our father say concerning the things you mentioned?


??????? ??????? ????: Papa called during the night when I was about to sleep. He asked me what was happening then I explained it all. Even while conversing with Papa, I did not have hope. I had told myself that after the call, I was still going to quit.


Papa prayed for me and said God will direct me and whatever He [God] directs me to do, I should let the [Rabboni] office know. He did not prophesy as I was expecting him to. All that Papa mentioned whilst praying for me, I saw in three (3) visions.

In the first one, I saw myself where the Lord was speaking to me where I was in an environment of people from my country and it was fit for me to do His work, but at the end of the [short] dream He [God] said He did not permit me to do His work in my country [Zimbabwe]. The second one was regarding the affair [I have with a certain lady] and the third one was regarding work, where He told me to relax, I am His.

After those visions, I had direction. I sold the two (2) phones I had and went off. I then called the Rabboni office to let them know of the direction I took.


???. ??????: How long did it take you to move from Zimbabwe to South Africa after you spoke to our father [Prof. Lesego Daniel] (after you sent the message)?

??????? ??????? ????: It took three days. Papa had prayed for me on a Wednesday night and the following Saturday I had money to travel and on Sunday I was on the road. On Sunday I was on the road then I got to Johannesburg the following Tuesday.


???. ??????: Can you take us through a dream you had where you saw our father [Prof. Lesego Daniel] promising to give you something in a few days?


??????? ??????? ????: I had a dream where I saw myself bribing in order to be selected for work, but my money was not taken and I was the only one, amongst others, who did not get the job. When I called to inform Papa Lesego Daniel that I had arrived in South Africa, I told him that God does not want me to work. He told me to be obedient to the dream. After praying for me Papa told me that would help me with finances. After that, I got R30 which enabled me to conduct live service on both Facebook and WhatsApp.


Then things became tough as the person who was with me (by my side) started persecuting me [by withholding finances] because I was preaching the truth. I struggled that on one particular day, I ate porridge with tomato sauce. I slept troubled, however, I guarded against offence.


From that day, things took a turn for the worst. On the 20th October 2021, as I was reading the Word, I felt tired then dozed off. I saw most of Papa Lesego Daniel’s jackets being put on me, but their colours were changing. Papa walked towards me and said that he will be coming to me on the 21st and 28th October 2021 and after that, I will have KFC [Kentucky Fried Chicken]. Then the dream ended.


At that time there was no food in the house, only a packet of Marie biscuits which I got on the 21st October 2021, of which I took one daily before 12:00 with a glass of sugar water. I call this involuntary fasting which went on for 8 days. There was nobody to help me, instead, they would say “God is with you”. What I thank God for is that at that time, thoughts of quitting did not enter my mind instead, I was ministering to sons on a daily basis.


I, then sent a message to one of the Rabboni prayer line numbers reporting to Papa that I had not eaten for many days. Mind you, when Covid-19 started, my ministry was 3 months old and people could no longer follow me because I could not afford to hold [online] services.


On the 26th of October 2021, I received a call from the Rabboni Office concerning the message I sent and I explained it all to them. The following night [27th October 2021], I received a text message [from Rabboni Office] asking for directions to my house because Papa had instructed them to bring me food.


I received the food on the 28th of October 2021 just as Papa had said in the dream. In most cases, I would get offended when things delay in my life, however, listening to my father’s teachings I got purified.


???. ??????: During the time you wanted to quit ministry because of the struggles you were facing, did our father [Prof. Lesego Daniel] [ever] mention helping (assisting) you materially or regarding the call of God upon your life?


??????? ??????? ????: Papa [Prof. Lesego Daniel] has never mentioned or hinted to help me in any way, as I was expecting him to. All that he mentioned was my spiritual life as well as the ministry.


Sometimes we come with wrong motives (thoughts). Being humbled like that was a lesson for me – as a leader because Papa did not speak of (mention) what I thought he would. This, I saw as maturity and integrity that God was teaching me, to wait upon Him to speak.


Before I sent the message I asked God for the interpretation of what was happening and He said, it is not about me, but for His will to be done. I then realised that it was [now] His will for me to be assisted.


???. ??????: You mentioned earlier that you went through a dry season whereby dreams and visions were withheld from you. How has that changed since the intervention of our father [Prof. Lesego Daniel]; not only in terms of assistance (support) but also in giving you hope as well as the ministry?


??????? ??????? ????: When one goes through challenges, your mind is the gate for God to speak. My mind, however, was not disciplined during that time so I looked at my circumstances and thus that caused worry and anxiety.


It is now that I understand that [even] when one does not dream, have visions or trances, you ought to be content. My worrying hindered God from operating.

When Papa gave me hope and restored me, even when he speaks to me, it is like oil is poured upon my head. I started experiencing new sensations which slowly began to open my mind. I began to have the love for the work of God. Since then, especially this month [December 2021] I started praying like I have never done since the start of the ministry. My Word intake and believe is like never before. The assurance that the father has spoken [to me] causes me to relax (be at ease).


I deserted the worries and have taken the journey to a place of [Jeremiah 31:3] which speaks of the Everlasting (endless) Love of God wherein whether you dream or not, having challenges or not His loving kindness and everlasting Love remain within you. Right now as you see me, I used to look old [in age] but my restoration even restored my skin (looks) because I look younger.


???. ??????: Can you take us through the persecutions you underwent simply for being associated (affiliated) with our father [Prof. Lesego Daniel], most especially when you were looking for a place to stay?

??????? ??????? ????: I faced a lot of persecutions starting from my own brothers [in Christ]. When you preach the truth relating to the messages of the father, there are some who feel like you want to overtake them yet preaching the same gospel. Some of those who were close to me, deserted me while others confessed that they were told not to like my [Facebook] page, let alone like the messages. Papa, then said I should find a place in Louis Trichardt and give him feedback. I looked for a one (1) room place and, because I could not physically be there, I gave the owners (landlords) my WhatsApp numbers to send me pictures of the place [I was to rent]. My profile picture always displays either myself with Papa Lesego Daniel or him alone. When the owners (landlords) see that, they would [immediately] block me.


One [landlord] did respond stating that they had a place I could rent. I texted them explaining that, though I was delayed by time, I was still on my way to them. Only to find that before I could get there, they had blocked me during the day. This I discovered at 00:00am when I got there, as I tried calling there was no answer. Therefore, I had to look for another place, which I was shown and given the terms and conditions. They asked me who was going to be responsible for taking care of me since I was not working. When I responded that the church would be taking care of me, they asked for proof (evidence). When I mentioned Papa Lesego Daniel, the man asked if he [Papa] is the one who commanded people to eat grass? I confirmed [with confidence] that to be true then the landlord stated that Papa is a great man. However, when he went to speak to his wife, I knew the outcome would not be positive. I left concluding that it is all about the Father.


On that same day around 14:00 as I was [still] looking for accommodating, I received a call from Rabboni Office checking on the progress of which I explained all the events. After they reported back to Papa, I went to another house that’s where they received me as per God’s will.


???. ??????: Thank you for the beautiful testimony. In conclusion, what would you like to say to our father [Prof. Lesego Daniel]?


??????? ??????? ????: We can never be associated with the Storm Rider without riding the storms. I remember the prophecy Papa gave in 2019- 2020 where he said, “My sons, you are also going to do the same things that I am doing”. By then we thought of demonstration of power and the way Papa teaches. We did not think of riding the storms he does. Your wisdom is great, my father because what we expect from you is not what we get because we ask without looking (considering) the will of God. Papa, I want to thank you because all the wounds I have are caused by being associated with you.


I preach the gospel that I received when you gave birth to me. It was really you giving out yourself through me. I thank God for the pain I had because whatever I grew from all that I faced. Thank you for teaching us about storms.


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