A mother is who you make yourself to be. However, it depends what type of a mother. A mother was prophesied, woman was made. According to man, it is a principle initially applied within marriage, because we talk about ‘mother’. But who is a mother?

You might have a child but fail to be a mother. For many have children but are not yet mothers. It is a principle that may initially apply within marriage, extended to the church and then society at large. We lay this foundation so that you can begin to self-introspect.

3 thoughts on “THE QUEEN-MOTHER”

  1. Jeremiah Maifala Daniels

    We thank You Daddy for in these teachings is where we realize our flaws and errors and ask the Holy Spirit to Help us become whom God has Designed us to become. We are really really GREATFULL having u Fathering us. Thank You

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