Be ready to receive the unexpected in your life, be ready to receive the unknown. As we honour our King, He already knows what we all need before we can open our minds and hearts to ask. As you pray and ask, you are already praying an answered prayer. A believer’s prayer is already answered before he can even open his mouth. I declare such glory upon your life, I speak such anointing upon your life. declare the birth of a Spiritual man who will be noticed all over the world – the world will have no choice but to surrender to such a man. Your new birth has come, the world shall notice the Spiritual man in you. I declare that as God said: ‘‘let us [Father, Son, Holy Spirit] make man in our image and let them rule over everything …” flesh no matter what kind – be it man or beast, will submit to the Spiritual man. God said: “subdue the earth,” meaning put it under.

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