I believe today the Spirit is lifting the standard like never before. You will know the mysteries and the mysteries will penetrate your life.

There is no need to ask God if He loves you, He loved you. He loved you first. You are loved from above. These are the days where God reveals Himself not in a common way. Let’s hold on to the uncommon way of God and there we are approved.

We are not afraid of persecutions, so we don’t have to go around putting our marks of circumcision. Wherever you go, you will be declaring ‘be careful what you do to me for; I bear on my body the marks of Jesus Christ’.

We live the resurrection life. We are seated with Him on the right hand of God. There is nothing that we do that we have not seen from His presence. This is His presence.

You won’t need anyone to teach you. You won’t ask your neighbor who is God. Knowing God is eternal God. You worship the one whom you know.

So we are going to give. If you give and you don’t give a memorial then you are forgotten already. Let’s give a memorial, something that God will not forget. Have you ever seen someone asking who is your father and you say ‘his name is uhm…’ When you have a spiritual shepherd there is no forgetting.

When there was trouble, the ark was always remembered. Jeremiah; the ark shall be no more and you shall remember it no more. So in replacement of the ark I will give you spiritual shepherds. The source of prosperity is the word of God. It’s on your lips, it’s in your mouth you put into practice and none will touch that. The devil is not afraid of your gifts but He is afraid of the word.