As many souls are rolling into the kingdom and for whoever you speak to, it is the acceptable year of the Lord. ‘This Word is fulfilled in your hearing.’ As you listen, there is fulfilment in your life. Many receive the Word, but still work [toil] to fulfil it. Many meditate upon the Word; let your mind be fertile ground, so that as you hear, it is fulfilled. Jesus said: “I am anointed to do all these things.” He said: ‘this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing. ‘As you read, listen to the voice of the Spirit and do not take your hearing for granted. I know this practically; hearing works a lot. I am preparing you so that this message can be fulfilled in your life. These are common scriptures that we know, but when the Lord speaks, it is like handing a scroll over to Him, and thereafter every eye is upon Him ‘I am preparing you, I want to hear a testimony about your hearing from God. ‘We have been raised up. In your hearing, be quick to understand. Let your mind be fertile. These are the basics to help you. For some things you do not need the laying on of hands. In your hearing there shall be fulfilment [this is the exact thing that Jesus mentioned].

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God's Generals

We have read and heard of miracles, signs and wonders that God reveals when a prophet is born. Similar to Jeremiah, John the Baptist and recently William Brenham and many other great men of God, so was it for the man of God – Lesego Daniel

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